Head of studies
I qualified for the Trinity Cert TESOL in 2011 and am now finishing a DIP TESOL (level 7) which I aim complete this year. I am the principle teacher and the director of studies here at East West Bridge centre. I live in Windsor which is a historic and beautiful town not far from London. I have been teaching English for over 9 years. I love what I do and enjoy inspiring students to fall in love with the English language. My hobbies include cycling and running and of course languages! I have been studying Spanish for many years and have recently started learning French. Looking forward to seeing new and former students in the exciting online lessons!
Year 7 student, Forest Acadamy
My name's andrew and i am 12 years old. I live in england, in wokingham and i was born here, and i speak both english and russian fluently. I go to forest secondary school, which is an all-boys secondary school, and i'm in year 7. My favourite food is macaroni and cheese, and my favourite hobbies include playing football, playing table tennis, and playing on my xbox. I'll be happy to discuss anything with you guys, so press the button to watch my video
GCSE student, Holt School
Hi, my name's sophie and i'm 14 years old, i live in the uk and was born in london, but speak both fluently english and russian, and i am also learning spanish in school. i go to the holt secondary school which is an all-girls secondary school. i am currently in year 10, which means i'll be doing my gcse's next year. i'm quite into fashion, and i love baking and cooking food. my favourite food is sushi or pizza. once i'm older, i want to be a doctor or maybe a surgeon. if you have anything you want to talk to me about, make sure you tune into teen talks and i'll make sure to discuss it with you. guys, so press the button to watch my video
Law Student, Southampton University
Hi everyone, my name's stacey and i am 20 years old. i'm currently in my second year of university, i study at southampton university, meaning that i've only got one more year left until i finish my undergraduate degree. i'm studying to become a lawyer, and once i finish my degree, i would like to be a solicitor that specialises in media law. i quite like to go shopping and i really like animals. if you would like to discuss any topics with me, please tune into team talks. guys, so press the button to watch my video